Jan 19, 2007

The Perfect Burrito

  1. I've always made burritos at home — and they always turned out just OK — but a few days ago, I accidentally stumbled upon the Perfect Burrito! Yes, it is quiet Perfect!!

  2. The key: have a good tortilla and heat it on a non-stick pan; don't microwave it! The difference in taste is HUGE!

  3. The best tortillas (in Arizona) are of the "Red Eagle Brand" — available at Fry's. They are produced locally in Suprise, AZ and have a homemade texture to it.

  4. Now when you're almost done heating up the tortilla, sprinkle cheese on top of it (I prefer Kraft Mexican 4-cheese) and let it melt a bit.

  5. Then add the Refried Beans on top of the cheese — heat it up in a pot and add a little bit of water to make it very soft — it should be hot, when you add it.

  6. Then add chopped black olives, vine-ripe tomatoes and onions.

  7. Finally add Pace Red Taco Sauce (Medium) and have Pace Chunky Salsa (Medium) on the side.

  8. This completes the Perfect Burrito.

  9. if (burrito.Taste() != Perfect()) Place.Blame.On(Yourself);

  10. Thanks.