Dec 11, 2007

How come nobody understands me?

Its like I speak:

ekfdl fldleod dlfjldf sljf fljdoen kd ieo fkfi fkfeol ddof if fk fkf jf. ldifl, lsleifj dkdkdf eie kdkd fifen? dlf iefl ldje sjs s as sdlf edoeo sosojfwf w sfjfo dsls dsdsd sksd dd sjsfjoew slsl owf w wefwe ss sosos sf slu ufe wu weqcmc, q0sow wouwc...

The Gap: there seems to be a gap in all relationships that I have seen. Within this gap resides the "What the hell are the thinking?", "They don't know anything", and "Oh my God, that person is dumb" -- non-acceptance, resistance towards the other person, misunderstanding the intentions of the other person.

This gap used to trouble me a lot. But now days, I mostly ignore it and pretend that it doesn't exist. That makes life a whole lot easier.

I guess one way to close the Gap would be to accept whatever reasoning the person gives. And withhold judging it.