Oct 26, 2008

Naikan & the ToDo Institute

To me, grace comes from an examination of one’s life in which you realize that you don’t deserve what you’re getting, yet you’re getting it anyway.

We’ve gotten into the habit of seeing only the problems, because they are more dramatic. That’s what gives a story value.

It’s hard to imagine compassion in the absence of attention. The people I think of as being the most compassionate also tend to be the most attentive to others. It’s a great shock to realize how much of our attention is constantly on ourselves and how rare it is for us to focus our attention on someone else.

Research shows almost every psychological disorder is associated with self-focused attention. That doesn’t mean that self-focused attention causes tbut it’s an important element of the problem.
A beautiful interview (Many Thanks, Gregg Krech on the Revolutionary Practice of Gratitude - PDF link) with Gregg Krech, founder of the ToDo Institute.

Naikan practice is based on 3 questions, focused on a single person:
  1. What have I received from THIS PERSON?
  2. What have I given to THIS PERSON?
  3. What troubles & difficulties have I caused THIS PERSON?